Road Rules Quiz

Think you already know the rules of the road? Put your knowledge to the test!

Question 1

True or False: Bicyclists are allowed to ride in the travel lane (with motor vehicle traffic) if the lane width is not safe for a bicycle and vehicle to travel side-by-side.

An animation of a bicyclist riding a bike in a travel lane with other vehicles

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Question 2

True or False: Every intersection is a crosswalk,
even if it is unmarked.

A graphic of two people crossing the road in an unmarked crosswalk

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Question 3

True or False: Drivers are required to stop before the stop line at stop signs and traffic signals.

A graphic of a truck stopped at a stop sign

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Question 4

True or False: Bicyclists riding when it is dark outside must have a front light and rear light or reflector.

An animation of a bicyclist at night with a front and rear bike light

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Question 5

True or False: It is legal to operate a handheld
electronic device while driving.

A graphic from the perspective of a driver. The driver is operating a steering wheel with one hand while texting on a smartphone with another.

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