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About Walk & Roll Stanislaus

This summer, Stanislaus County Council of Governments (StanCOG) is launching a series of online activities called Walk & Roll Stanislaus to promote transportation safety in Stanislaus County. Walk & Roll Stanislaus is one part in a larger effort to build awareness about transportation safety, encourage behavior change in road safety of travelers of all modes of transportation, and promote bicyclist and pedestrian safety throughout the County. 

Join us this Summer and Fall to learn and test your knowledge, get active outside, and have fun while earning chances to win prizes!

Community Conversations

Spring 2020


The project team hosted community focus groups and launched an online survey to learn about how residents travel and their attitudes towards other people on the road, regardless of whether people are driving, taking transit, walking, or biking.

Stanislaus Safety Summit

Fall 2020


The campaign will end with a Regional Safety Summit. The Summit will bring together community groups and businesses, advocates, and decision-makers from across Stanislaus County and the wider region to share ideas and develop action steps that support bicycling and walking, and safer streets for everyone in Stanislaus County.

Campaign Launch

Early 2020


The Bike and Safety Education Campaign began by researching where Stanislaus residents live and work, how they travel, and shared transportation and public health barriers. 

Walk & Roll Events 

Summer 2020


Quizzes, activities, scavenger hunts, and more! This website is where people of all ages can learn about road safety and participate in interactive events for chances to win prizes. It’s a party in the street—online!

Advertising Strategy

Summer 2020


The campaign will launch a 4-week advertising program on radio, newspaper, billboards, buses and bus stops, posters and social media to increase  awareness and and influence travel behavior surrounding active transportation for the health and safety of all those who travel in Stanislaus County.


Thank You to Our Partners and Sponsors

Stanislaus Council of Governments thanks Caltrans for funding this campaign. Funding for the website development was provided through the California Active Transportation Program.

Thank you to our sponsors for contributing cash and in-kind prizes:

Big 5 Sporting Goods

Gerling Consulting Inc.

Gerling Dietetics & Nutrition

Public Health Advocates

SafeKids Stanislaus County / Doctors Medical Center

If your business or organization would like to support this effort, contact iojeda@stancog.org